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Nova versão 4.0 da plataforma Thingworx liberada

ThingWorx is pleased to announce the release of version 4.0 of its ThingWorx Connected Application Platform. This release includes important new productivity gains for content development as well as a host of new features throughout the platform.


ThingWorx 4.0 introduces an entirely new design time environment that provides a 360 degree view of the ThingWorx model.  Integration of the Mashup Builder into the Modeling environment provides a single, true, integrated development environment for ThingWorx Content.  Additionally, advanced search capabilities have been embedded throughout the Modeling environment, making it easier to manage and extend your content.  The ThingWorx design time environment also includes new capabilities to make development in a team structure easier.


In addition to the design time feature sets, there are new visualization widgets, improvements to the ThingWorx data persistence objects, and a major update to edge thing configuration capabilities.  For a complete list of new features, please visit the community site for details.

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