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ThingWorx Announces Partnership with Konitech in Brazil

Konitech to bring ThingWorx™, the 1st Application Platform for the Connected World™, to Brazil

Downingtown, PA. - ThingWorx today announced the appointment of Konitech of Sao Paulo Brazil as a Value-added Reseller of the ThingWorx™ platform. Konitech is responsible for the Brazilian market and will provide the sales, service and support expertise necessary to speed the adoption of ThingWorx™. “Konitech is a key step in our global strategy, where we are partnering with select local and regional companies to create an ecosystem around the ThingWorx™ platforms” said John Richardson, COO of ThingWorx.
ThingWorx is a revolutionary platform designed to accelerate the development of applications connecting people, systems and devices – “the connected world”. ThingWorx provides all the functionality required to quickly build and deploy, secure, high performance, connected applications. ThingWorx™ applies to industrial markets, such as manufacturing, utilities and energy, and emerging Internet of Things businesses, such as smart cities, smart infrastructure, and smart transportation.

Konitech is a regional IT consultancy company whose mission is to supply solutions for collaboration and intelligence for the pursuit of operational excellence. Konitech has been a pioneer in bringing innovative IT platforms to Brazil and has developed strategic projects for corporations including; PEMEX, Petrobras, Monsanto, Klabin, Grupo Paranapanema, Whirlpool and other important corporations.
“We are very excited about this partnership with ThingWorx” said Flavio Maeda – managing director of Konitech. “This is an opportunity to bring another disruptive innovation that will provide an unparalleled level of competitive advantage for the early adopters. We are also excited because this innovation will transcend manufacturing allowing us to provide industries the same competitive advantages that we deliver to our industrial customers. We are also excited about ThingWorx’ ability to bring the prior technology investments in automation of factories, warehouses, and supply chain networks into the new “connected world.” The first ThingWorx™ application to be created by Konitech will be Global Traceability of Things (from production, through the supply network, up to the consumers). “This has been an unrealized goal of our customers that is now made possible with the disruptive technology embodied in ThingWorx™”, commented Flavio.

“We are excited to establish our partnership with Konitech” said Russ Fadel, CEO of ThingWorx™. “We are confident that their proven track record and expertise will help increase the adoption of ThingWorx™ throughout Brazil. We look forward to great mutual success in 2011 and beyond”.

About ThingWorx
ThingWorx a privately held company that develops and markets the first application platform for the connected world™, ThingWorx™, combines the key functionality of Web 2.0, social media and the semantic web, and applies it to any process that involves people, systems and real world “things”. ThingWorx is providing the disruptive change required to catalyze connected world application resulting in a more efficient planet. For more information contact john.richardson@thingworx.com or visit us at www.thingworx.com 610 269 0116

About Konitech
Konitech is an IT consultancy company which main mission is to supply technology solutions for collaboration and intelligence in the aim of the operational excellence. Their knowledge in several industries allows Konitech to act in all corporation levels, identifying together with the customer its main KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and the opportunities of productivity earnings and improvements. Konitech delivers innovative solutions that allow collaboration and real time decision-making. In the manufacturing space, Konitech solutions enable the integration of the plant systems to the other areas of the company, increasing the visibility of the relevant information and allowing the alignment of manufacturing to the global strategy of the company. For more information visit: www.konitech.com.br / + 55.11.2384.8510.

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